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How to Throw in the Wind

Why is throwing in the wind so important?

There are several reasons:

1. A team will generally run a zone defense against your team when it’s windy – hence your handlers should be confident throwing in the wind
2. When it’s very windy, the number of people who can actually throw in the wind is surprisingly low – so if you can than you’re one of the exceptions
3. It will make your throws in no wind stronger and more consistent since you understand how important it is to have spin on the disc

How to Huck Backhand

What is hucking?

Simply put, hucking is when you throw the disc far – to a receiver. When you huck, you almost always want to throw to a receiver. So it’s not just throwing the disc are far as possible (although when you’re at a high stall count this can sometimes come in handy). There are many situations when a huck is helpful so it’s not only important to know HOW to huck but also WHEN to huck. I will talk about the HOW and the WHEN with more of a focus on the HOW.

How to Throw a Backhand

Why is backhand so important?

Since in a game you are going to be marked by someone, you will want to be able to throw both a backhand and a forehand. A backhand will give you more separation from your mark than a flick since you’re getting further away from your pivot foot on your throw.