Things to Avoid When Filling Out Your NCAA Bracket

March Madness is that time of the year when we all get a lesson on how to fill out brackets. It’s time for having bets with friends and enjoying some intense basketball games. However, before you start filling out those brackets it’s important that you avoid these costly mistakes. 

When it comes to making your final picks be sure to use your brain instead of your heart. We all have a devotion to our favorite teams. While that devotion may have us penciling in our favorite teams for that last game, it’s not always the wisest choice. You know your favorite team better than anyone else. You’ve seen them through the good and the bad all-season long. Use that information to your advantage and be logical about their ability to advance to the final round. 

It’s no doubt that a number 16 team may advance to play a number 1 team. This has been almost an unspoken happening in the NCAA tournament. In fact, figures have shown that these teams have gone head-to-head for 132 games in the history of the NCAA. That’s a lot of history to back up this bracket revelation. However, it’s important to realize that the number 1 team beat the number 16 team every single time. So when you’re learning all about the best players here –,  be sure that you don’t have any number 16 teams beating number 1 teams. 

The next pitfall you want to avoid when filling in your bracket is scheduling Cinderella upsets too early. These last-minute cliffhangers are typically reserved for the final rounds of the tournament. Very rarely are there any major upsets that occur early on in the NCAA tournament. You should play it safe with the first few rounds opting for the teams with the biggest rankings. 

There is so much coverage over the March Madness season that it can drive you insane. There are polls being done every hour of the day to see what analysts think and what the audience thinks. Who will win the next round? Who will be the biggest upset? Don’t fall victim to letting these polls sway your initial gut decisions. Focus on the facts that were presented during the regular season and let them reveal to you who is most likely to win. 

The last golden nugget we have to help you when filling out your own bracket is to look at the wins of each team. In a simple online search, you can find out what percentage of a team’s wins were on their own turf. Those teams that had a significantly high amount of wins at home coupled with a drastically bad record away from home are typically those who will go down in the first few rounds. The homecourt advantage is something that you may not think about with so much other data going on, however, it’s an important fact to consider. 

March Madness can be fun and overwhelming all mixed into one. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be sure to set yourself up for a successful bracket. Remember that it’s all about enjoying the spirit of the game and having some good times with your friends.

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