Ideas Needed for World Records

I was contacted by a television network in China and they’d like me to fly to China to attempt some frisbee world records on their show live in front of their audience.

However, the world records I suggested won’t work so I need some creative ideas on what I could pitch them for a frisbee world record attempt.

Send your ideas to [email protected] or leave them in a comment.


About Ultimate Rob

Rob McLeod is a frisbee ambassador and motivational speaker who holds 6 Guinness World Records, 13 World Championships, and the Canadian Distance Record. He created in 2009.

7 thoughts on “Ideas Needed for World Records

  1. WoW!That’s awesome…These is your great chance to prove your talent.I know you can do it.Pray always to GOD so he can provide you the brilliant mind and the things you want…Good luck.

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