Rules of Ultimate Frisbee – USA Ultimate 11th Edition

For the complete rules of ultimate, you can go to the UPA website here:

I’m going to be adding a writeup each week on a rule I choose but feel free to comment or write me a message asking me about a specific rule that you’re not sure about. If I have enough requests I might make a video explaining the rule in more detail!

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2 thoughts on “Rules of Ultimate Frisbee – USA Ultimate 11th Edition

  1. hey Rob,

    the 11th edition states that a travel call results in a stoppage of play, ie the disc isn’t subject to a turnover. i’ve now seen it multiple times where a travel is called on an incomplete throw and the thrower gets the disc back because the play is dead as soon as the call is made. this seems completely ridiculous and totally out of line with the spirit of the rules. i think the continuation rule should apply to this just as well. what is your interpretation?

  2. Yup, that’s the wrong call…if a travel is called on the throw, then what happens depends on the outcome of that throw – a completion comes back to the thrower; an incompletion is a turnover…

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