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Malissa Lundgren Top 3 Career Highlights

Malissa Lundgren, one of the captains of the Capitals, the women’s ultimate team from Ontario Canada, talks about her top highlights.

Malissa has played in the finals of the World Championships of Beach Ultimate, the Canadian Ultimate Championships, the USA Ultimate Championships and the World Ultimate and Guts Championships.

She is one of the top female ultimate players in the world and was named Ultimate Canada’s 2011 Female Athlete of the Year.

Ultimate Project #4

In the Ultimate Project #4, Michael combines the first 3 videos and looks at 2 hucks. One from Brute / Riot at 2010 worlds and one from Brute / Fury at 2010 ECC. The two plays are similar and Betsy is the deep cutter in both plays. One play is successful and the other isn’t and this video looks at the differences.