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30 Quick Tips on my 30th Birthday

Today I turn 30. I started throwing a disc 12 years ago and started playing ultimate 11 years ago. In that time I’ve played on roughly 19 teams in 3 different countries, been to over 50 tournaments, have met thousands of ultimate players, started a website dedicated to teaching players more about the game of ultimate and have been flown around the world to share my passion with others. Today I mark my 30th birthday with 30 quick tips about ultimate. Each of these tips could easily warrant an article and video (and in many cases multiple articles/videos); some of which have already been done, some which I’m planning on doing. Read on:

Throw It Early

To follow up on my post Checking Your Shoulder – Buttonhook, let’s talk about when to throw to those cuts.  In general, you want to put the disc up as early as possible.
There are a lot of factors involved in decision making, but in an ideal world, you want to be releasing your throw after the cutter has planted and has started their first step back toward you.  Putting the disc up early has various benefits:
  • Maximizes yardage on the incut.  The longer you wait, the closer to you the cutter gets and the less yardage gained on their incut.

Ultimate Quick Tips Reference Checklist

I’ve done a lot of reading of other blogs, books, and I’ve talked to a lot of people for many hours about ultimate. In all of that time, I’ve come up with a bit of a quick reference checklist that I think will help any level of player, captain and team before going into a practice, game, and especially a tournament.

Let me know what you think of my list of tips. What ones should I add?

  1. Shake the confidence of the other team by scoring on hucks