ultimate project

Ultimate Project #13

Michael Lawler takes us in detail through 2 poor endzone points in the Brute Squad vs Scandal game, Boston Invite 2011. Before watching this video, you should check out Ultimate Project #5 first – which shows 4 good endzone points. Watching Project #5 first will show you what good endzone points look like and as Michael says, puts you in a good mood before watching this one. It’s good to learn what both good and bad points look like both to learn what good and bad positioning is all about and also see how execution matters that close to the endzone.

Ultimate Project #1

Michael Lawler (former Brute Squad coach) has created a series of videos analyzing footage from the past couple of years and utilizing them as teaching moments. This video takes a look at two examples of downfield play in zone O. The two plays are similar at the start, but Brute Squad scores on only one of them, and the video tries to explain why.