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Throwing with the Right Edge

This tutorial video for the Calgary Ultimate Association talks about how to throw a disc with the right edge. The right edge for the wind, the right edge for your receiver and the right edge for your release. The key points to throwing with the right edge are: to practice throwing in all conditions, learn the different edges that you can throw a disc, develop muscle memory and work on your technique.

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Video produced for the Calgary Ultimate Association.

Get More Throwing Power

One of the key parts of getting more power in your throw is to increase the mobility in your thoracic spine. Upper body fire hydrants, a thoracic spine mobilizer, is a great drill to get more mobility in your upper back which will give you more rotation, translating immediately into more power when throwing a frisbee, without changing your strength. Try it out, let me know what you think and subscribe to be notified when more videos are added! We are going write some amazing reviews so if you want to read them then click here for reviews.

Ultimate Project #14

Michael Lawler takes us in detail through 3 clips showing what a vertical stack offense looks like and how to execute properly. He takes us through each clip, explaining what either went right or went wrong, focusing mainly on the cuts from the stack and compares the cuts in each clip. This is a great video for understanding how a vertical stack should flow and will show you how it leads to scoring.

Exercise for More Throwing Power

One of the key parts of getting more power in your throw is to increase the mobility in your thoracic spine. Prayers, a thoracic spine mobilizer, is an exercise I’ve been doing for a few months in my warm-up before every workout. I’ve noticed in the past month that I’m becoming more mobile which is translating directly into more power in my throw and subsequently, more distance on my throws.

Ultimate Project #13

Michael Lawler takes us in detail through 2 poor endzone points in the Brute Squad vs Scandal game, Boston Invite 2011. Before watching this video, you should check out Ultimate Project #5 first – which shows 4 good endzone points. Watching Project #5 first will show you what good endzone points look like and as Michael says, puts you in a good mood before watching this one. It’s good to learn what both good and bad points look like both to learn what good and bad positioning is all about and also see how execution matters that close to the endzone.

Custom Videos for Calgary Ultimate Association

This summer, I’m partnering up with the Calgary Ultimate Association. They’re a not-for-profit group focused on growing ultimate in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with their goal being to make ultimate the sport of choice for athletes. They’ve done a great job and along with running a league with over 120 teams, they also have a juniors program (12-18 year olds), a men’s, women’s and master’s team and they run an annual ultimate frisbee tournament called HoDown and SloDown, which has been held for more than 25 years.

Ultimate Project #8

This video was split into two pieces because it ran over the 15 minute YouTube time limit. There are several examples of not quite so good play by the deep deep in the zone D. The video looks at the various plays and ways the deep deep’s play could be improved.