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How to Huck Backhand

What is hucking?

Simply put, hucking is when you throw the disc far – to a receiver. When you huck, you almost always want to throw to a receiver. So it’s not just throwing the disc are far as possible (although when you’re at a high stall count this can sometimes come in handy). There are many situations when a huck is helpful so it’s not only important to know HOW to huck but also WHEN to huck. I will talk about the HOW and the WHEN with more of a focus on the HOW.

In order to huck well, one needs to:

How to Throw a Backhand

Why is backhand so important?

Since in a game you are going to be marked by someone, you will want to be able to throw both a backhand and a forehand. A backhand will give you more separation from your mark than a flick since you’re getting further away from your pivot foot on your throw. As well, a backhand gives you more control over the disc since you have greater range of motion on your wrist flick with the backhand. Having a good backhand is crucial to being a good handler.