ultimate frisbee strategy

Vertical Stack Revisited Part 3

I am going to close the idea of a dynamic vertical with several odds and ends that tie the concepts together.

  1. Recognize the strength of your thrower. When your thrower is capable of hucking with precision, delay your strike-cut until after possession has been gained. If the thrower is only comfortably throwing 20 yards, leave for your deep strike a second prior to the catch and then cut back under for a 15-20 yard gainer.

Let’s Talk About Space

Recently I have been consuming quite a bit of Ultimate. After an injury-induced hiatus I am now playing in two leagues and I have also been watching as many games as I can find online, particularly with some great content coming out of Worlds. I have really enjoyed being able to watch so many great games!

Whilst being exposed to all this ultimate I have observed an emerging point of interest that I’d like to talk about a bit in this post. Specifically, the importance of space on the field and how space can be considered a commodity. It is a fairly fresh thought process for me so hopefully it comes across as something useful for other players to consider.

Throwing for Connections

This is the last post in a mini-series on why connections count within Ultimate. The first post highlighted that all passes, including scoring passes, rely on an interaction between two players. Those players need to work together to ensure that the connection occurs. Last week’s post focused on receivers and detailed some tips that can assist when cutting for connections. In this post we’ll take a look at the thrower and the role they play in a successful connection.

Valuing the Disc

One of my favorite moments of this past weekend was a play by our captain Nat. She was cutting in for a throw from a handler with a tight D on her hip. The throw went up and out to space but was almost out of reach. The beauty of the play was the look on her face in the moment before she grabbed it. It was a look that I know we’ve all seen in someone, somewhere, in sports and hopefully a look we’ve all expressed. It was the look of sheer determination.