ultimate frisbee practice

Deposits in the Bank

Former Australian cricketer, Adam Gilchrist, hits the nail on the head in his biography ‘True Colours: My Life’.

Gilly explains beautifully about how pushing yourself in training and in practice games is akin to making ‘deposits in the bank’. He cites the example of how they once chased down 315 runs (a big score then!) He says that it was a very useful ‘memory’ to be stored away in preparation for a world cup because if they ever found themselves chasing a challenging score in the world cup, they wouldn’t be lost. They would know what exactly to do because they have been in that situation before. The confidence that they could draw from it was immense.

It’s All About Practice

So many times I get asked for tips on throwing, cutting, playing defense, catching and all other areas of ultimate.

However, what it all comes down to is practice. There is no substitute for hard work and determination. You must be open to learning, you must be open to grinding it out until you can figure out how to do something and you must have a “never give up” attitude.