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How To Prevent Getting Burnt Out

Danielle Fortin, a World Champion and 3 time Canadian Champion, talks about one of the problems facing high level ultimate with more players getting into the sport at a younger age. She also relates her experience when she felt burnt out and how she was able to rediscover her passion in the sport. This is a great video to start the dialogue among players and coaches and for individuals to take a look at their own game when they feel like they’ve lost their desire to play.

If you can’t view this video, watch on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QPYWbtiPXM.

Long Term Athlete Develop -ment Plan

Danielle Fortin, a world champion and 3-time Canadian champion in ultimate frisbee and the current Development Programs Coordinator at Ultimate Canada.

Danielle talks about the Long-Term Athlete Development plan or LTAD, which Ultimate Canada will soon be posting on the website and distributing to the various organizations across Canada.

You can find out more information on http://canadianultimate.com.

If you can’t see the video above, please click this link to watch on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP4NmXI_2TU.

Valuing Women Role Models in Sport

One of the things that drew me to ultimate was the many nuances of gender equality that are embedded within the sport. One example is the mixed division – a division in which men and women play high-caliber ultimate together on one team  and using The Best Tennis Shoes For Women With Astounding Traction. Another example is the ‘Open’ division, which is open to all genders and all ages.

My appreciation for equality in ultimate was reinvigorated last week when Ultimate Canada announced the addition of the Women’s Master’s division in CUCs for Vancouver, 2013. This was reminiscent of the excitement when Canada agreed to send its first-ever women’s master’s team (+30yrs of age) to Japan to compete at the World Ultimate and Guts Championships 2012.

Questions for Malissa Lundgren Interview

My good friend, Malissa Lundgren, will be in town visiting me tomorrow and has agreed to do an an interview. Voted as one of Skyd Magazine’s Starting 7 this year, Malissa is a monster athlete who will get anything deep that floats. Also a gifted thrower, she’s a key player for both Team Canada and for the Capitals. Malissa was awarded Ultimate Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year in 2011.

What would you like me to ask her?