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The Season of Ultimate Stats – Part 2

The interview with Thomas Kuhn that Ultimate Rob recently posted to his site reminded me that, last summer, I had the good fortune of watching Thomas play in a showcase game between Furious George and Sockeye at the Flowerbowl tournament in Vancouver. One part of that game that sticks out in my head is a play in which Thomas threw a short pass into the ground right near his own goal line. When that happened, the first thought that ran through my mind was: “Holy crap, I could have done that! Maybe I should be playing for Furious, too?!” But the difference between Thomas Kuhn and me is not that he is incapable of making simple mistakes. The difference is that he did not spend the next ten minutes of the game thinking about how much he sucked as a player because of one little mistake he had made.

Season of Ultimate Stats – Part 1

Last summer, I wrote a post for about a system of ultimate frisbee statistics that I had devised. I used this system to score both an elite ultimate game between NexGen and Furious George, as well as a Calgary Ultimate men’s league game I had played in last spring. Some salient differences emerged between the two levels of play, but in both cases, it was pretty clear to me that what I had come up with was something that looked pretty damn cool. I wanted to see more.