rules of ultimate frisbee

Rule of the Week – Calling a Strip

With the 11th edition, a strip changed a bit in the rules; namely that it’s now considered a foul. What this means to the average player is that you can contest a strip; however, where you are on the field will help determine what happens when a strip is called. First, let’s take a look at the actual rule from the 11th Edition rules website (

  1. Fouls (II.E): It is the responsibility of all players to avoid contact in every way possible.
    4. Strip: If a defensive player initiates contact with the disc after an offensive player has gained possession of the disc, and the offensive player loses possession as a result, it is a strip. A strip is a subset of fouls and is treated the same way

Rules of Ultimate Frisbee – USA Ultimate 11th Edition

For the complete rules of ultimate, you can go to the UPA website here:

I’m going to be adding a writeup each week on a rule I choose but feel free to comment or write me a message asking me about a specific rule that you’re not sure about. If I have enough requests I might make a video explaining the rule in more detail!