Learning to Throw From Others

Over the years, there have been numerous instructional videos produced – some good and some bad. On Facebook a few days ago, I shared a post that said “just because you are a good player does not mean you can teach“. I was referring to a few people because I think there is a real issue and a real concern with people who teach others to throw the wrong way. Learning to throw the wrong way is inefficient and can cause injuries if that player practices a lot throwing the wrong way.

Out Practice Your Opponents

The great thing about ultimate is that as much as your individual skills matter, at the end of the day, it’s still a team game. But, one of the ways you can help your team out is by practicing your disc skills. Throwing, catching, reading, faking. You don’t need to be with your team to work on those skills. Just think if everyone on your team spent a few hours each week working on disc skills. After a few months, your team would be a much better team since your foundation would be much more solid.

Team sports remind me of this quote: