hucking in ultimate

Ultimate Project #4

In the Ultimate Project #4, Michael combines the first 3 videos and looks at 2 hucks. One from Brute / Riot at 2010 worlds and one from Brute / Fury at 2010 ECC. The two plays are similar and Betsy is the deep cutter in both plays. One play is successful and the other isn’t and this video looks at the differences.

To Huck or Not To Huck

A general rule of thumb I like to follow is this:

Huck from Zone A; don’t huck from Zone B. In Zone A, use shallow/deep cuts (ie horizontal stack); in Zone B, use break side/open side cuts (ie vertical stack).

Several factors affect this general rule:

  1. What the Defense is running against your Offense – if they’re running a zone then maybe you want to try and work it up the field. Or maybe you want to huck right away for field position so you don’t turn the disc over close to your end zone.