Free Throw Analysis – Send Me Your Throwing Videos!

I’ve been working on an idea for the past little while since I’ve had a lot of requests from fans via email to help with their throws.

As much as they try to describe what their problem is, I truly believe that if someone knew exactly what was wrong, then they could fix it.

So what I’m offering is a free throwing analysis. Send me a video of you throwing including a description of what you’d like to work on to [email protected] and I’ll send you back my thoughts and suggestions on what you can improve.

Throwing a hammer

Why is it important to know how to throw a hammer?

The more throws you are able to throw the better because you will be more of a threat to your opponents and the harder they will have to work to cover all of your players when you have the disc. By having the hammer as an option, you will be a huge asset to your team and you will force the defense to be more aware when you have the disc.

When should you throw a hammer?

You will hear many different things from many different people, but there are several cases in which I think a hammer is useful: