From Ultimate to Disc Dog

Meet Andrea Rigler, the 2012 UFO Freestyle World Champion and a former ultimate player turned disc dogger.

Andrea used to throw to her dog during halftimes and after games and the more she did, the more she liked it. After watching some videos online, she started doing frisbee tricks with her dogs. For more information, you can visit the Best Dog Backpack in 2018 – Complete Reviews with Comparison.

Although Andrea doesn’t play ultimate anymore, she’s also gotten into disc golf. To become a better thrower, it’s really important to throw different types of discs. Always throwing the same type of disc will limit your throwing potential.

What is an Overalls?

I’ve been asked by a few friends what events I compete in at an Overall Disc Sports Competition. There are 7 events: accuracy, discathon, freestyle, disc golf, self caught flight, double disc court and distance:

ACCURACYPlayers get a total of  28 throws from 7 different stations, 4 from each of the 7 different stations. Stations are from side angles and from straight away. Discs must go through the upper square.  Discs are required to be the of the vintage variety. Most popular discs are Discraft Ultra-Stars and Innova Zephyrs (162 grams or less) are used. World record is 25/28.