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Malissa Lungren Intro & 2012 Recap

Malissa Lundgren, Ultimate Canada’s 2011 Female Athlete of the Year, recently sat down with me to answer some questions about women’s ultimate, being a captain for one of the top women’s teams in the world, having the chance to represent her country on the world stage and what she thinks the future of women’s ultimate is like.

In this video Malissa introduces herself and gives a recap on how 2012 was for her ultimate wise. Subscribe to be notified when the other videos from her interview are added!

Questions for Malissa Lundgren Interview

My good friend, Malissa Lundgren, will be in town visiting me tomorrow and has agreed to do an an interview. Voted as one of Skyd Magazine’s Starting 7 this year, Malissa is a monster athlete who will get anything deep that floats. Also a gifted thrower, she’s a key player for both Team Canada and for the Capitals. Malissa was awarded Ultimate Canada’s Female Athlete of the Year in 2011.

What would you like me to ask her?