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Effective Coaching of Drills

As an intermediate player I used to wonder why our captains and coaches insist on running the same drills over and over again. Frankly, I found it boring! I assumed drills, like warming up and stretching, was a waste of time. I used to be all about the scrimmage at the end of the training session. I slacked off during drills, didn’t really focus on what I was doing. To me, then it was about doing enough reps before the captain/coach let me play ‘actual’ Ultimate.

Deposits in the Bank

Former Australian cricketer, Adam Gilchrist, hits the nail on the head in his biography ‘True Colours: My Life’.

Gilly explains beautifully about how pushing yourself in training and in practice games is akin to making ‘deposits in the bank’. He cites the example of how they once chased down 315 runs (a big score then!) He says that it was a very useful ‘memory’ to be stored away in preparation for a world cup because if they ever found themselves chasing a challenging score in the world cup, they wouldn’t be lost. They would know what exactly to do because they have been in that situation before. The confidence that they could draw from it was immense.

Notes & Musings From My Coaching Experience

Agni Nakshatra is Chennai Ultimate Frisbee’s free annual introductory bootcamp + mini-tournament in which volunteer coaches spend time teaching new players the sport.

I got to spend some time with some enthusiastic folks who turned up to try out Ultimate for the first time ever.  Some of them had heard about the sport from our media coverage for Chennai Heat, others had seen us throwing on the beach and there were a few who were, well, just inquisitive after hearing from their friends!

Coaching Resources

This page will contain documents and links which you can use to help teach your fellow teammates and to help coach yourself to become a better player.

Throwing 101 – Tips and Cues for Teaching Throwing and Catching (pdf)

Glossary – Glossary of Ultimate Terms for Quick Reference (pdf)

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The Wright Life Store – Buy discs, cones, videos, books and more (

The Huddle – Take your team to the next level by learning from some of the best players in the game as they write about the advanced concepts of ultimate (

5 Tips to Being a Better Teammate

Most of us have played other team sports since we were kids so we have gotten used to the initial period when you first join a team and you get to know the other players.

However, no matter the sport you play – hockey, baseball, basketball or ultimate – there are many commonalities between the sports as far as team dynamics go. I’ve been a member of teams since I was 10 years old and I’ve also gotten to coach sports teams so I’ve seen both sides of the coin and with that, bring a perspective that a lot of players don’t have.