canadian ultimate championships

CUC 2012 – Day 3

Waking up on Saturday morning knowing we had already achieved our goal of making top 8 was a really good feeling but we didn’t want to just finish 8th; we wanted to play well on Saturday and see where we could end up. Unfortunately that meant having to play arguably the #1 team at nationals, Odyssee, from Quebec.

CUC 2012 – Pre Tourney

This week, I’m going to be competing in the 2012 Canadian Ultimate Championships with Bunny Thugs, a mixed team from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The tournament runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and consists of 3 games per day (2 on the Saturday if you make finals which are held on Sunday). This will be my 4th ultimate tournament this year and the 4th time I’ve picked up with a team that wasn’t mine. I’ve learned a lot from the other 3 and so going into this one, I wanted to approach my play in a more specific, focused way.