being a team player

Sideline Presence

Teams across the globe know how important it is to have home field advantage. When NFL teams travel to New Orleans or Seattle, chances are, the home team comes out with the dub. Matter of fact, those two teams are so difficult to beat, they are a combined 30-5 when playing at home since 2012. Switching leagues to the NBA now, the Oklahoma City Thunder posted a 34-7 record last year at home. The Thunder are known for a lot of things, but having a great crowd presence is one of the things they rely on big time. So if playing with a home crowd directly affects performance, how do we implement this into Ultimate? Easy, have a booming sideline presence.

Individual Roles Within a Team

I’m just coming down from 2 back-to-back ultimate tournaments and I feel awesome. I feel strong, healthy, powerful, effective, and influential. I’m 33 years old and feel fortunate that I’m able to throw my body all over the field in the spirit of the game and come away with minor bruises. And I’m well aware of how ridiculous that seems to anyone who does not play ultimate, or competitive sports in general.

Myself, along with a handful of others, got a tremendous amount of playing time. Others were not so fortunate. Others stood on the sideline waiting their turn, waiting for their name to be called to the field while I just walked on, unassumingly.