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Rob pulling at nationals

Indian National Youth Camp – Day 4 / 5

May 29th, 2014 | Main | 0 Comment

On day 4 we were rewarded with an extra hour of sleep because of the late night spent painting t-shirts. So we went straight to the fields by 7 am and to my surprise, all the campers seemed really low on energy even though they had gotten an extra hour. We asked them what ...


Indian National Youth Camp – Day 3

25th May 2014 Day 3 was spent in preparation for the upcoming tournament which starts in a day.  The teams had two session of Ultimate as usual. The morning was spent doing the drills that was part of the curriculum. In the evening however the coaches had the freedom to ...

day 2

Indian National Youth Camp – Day 2

  24th May 2014 I happened to be running into the room to hunt for one of my campers when I saw Narmada from Chennai writing a log. I asked her if she writes every day and If I could translate her  thoughts for this blog. A little about Narmada, She is in the ...


Indian National Youth Camp – Day 1

May 25th, 2014 | Main | 0 Comment

  A 5 am wake up call is something that people would not want to adhere to during summer holidays. Our campers however chose this and are quite willing be woken up. We started off by assembling to warm up together in a fun way.  The campers really enjoyed dancing ...