Below are a list of products that I support (either I use/have used them, have heard great things about them, or I’m selling them). Let me know if you have any products I should add to this list.


VC Ultimate – VC Ultimate is my official clothing partner and if you order on the online store using discount “frisbeerob10%” you can get 10% off including team jerseys. Adriana does so much for the sport of ultimate and I am so honoured to have them as my partner.


Eastbay – I have been buying my cleats from EastBay for 10 years and primarily buy Nike Speed TD or Vapor Pro. Keep an eye on prices as sometimes they have really good deals on their shoes.


VivoBarefoot – wearing minimilist shoes (or barefoot shoes) are what is best for our feet to strengthen our toes and feet and ankles and will help reduce the impact on our knees and body. I have been wearing these shoes for 3 years and have been an ambassador since 2012.


VC Ultimate


Friction Gloves – I wore a pair of these gloves when I set 3 WFDF World Records and 2 Guinness World Records and they are great in the cold or wet weather. Read my review of Friction Gloves here.

Fitness Tracker

FitBit – great tool to track your steps, miles traveled and number of calories. This helps ensure you’re eating enough food for your fitness level and you can make sure you move enough on sedentary days.

Braces (ankle/knee)

The Brace Shop – ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist braces to help protect weakness or prevent more damage


Ultivillage – dvds from all the major championships (USAU, CUC, WUGC, WUCC)