From the time I created 4 years ago, I have considered many different business models to create a revenue stream. The problem with any of the models I looked at was that in some way, it would affect the experience that I had wanted to create so I always revert back to keeping Ultimate Rob ad free and providing all of the articles and videos free. I did create a dvd which I have sold around 50 copies of – but it’s out of date and doesn’t contain my current branding so I’m not actively marketing that (plus who actually buys dvd’s anymore?)

Donation Levels

As I’ve added more content and brought in more contributors, my goals for what the future of Ultimate Rob is about have evolved as well and to keep up with what my goals are, it takes a lot of time. In order to keep the content fresh and current, I spend a lot of time talking to fans, players, coaches and my teammates. I also travel to a lot of disc sport competitions for ultimate, disc golf, overall and dog disc. I am looking to connect all of the various disc sport communities together as I believe it’s important for us to have a unified front to support each other. I also spend a lot of time planning more videos, I’m working on a few web series and I am planning more world records (I currently hold 12 World Records including 5 Guinness World Records).

In order to keep providing this content free of ads and at no cost, your donation will help cover the costs of my videographers, my expenses to travel to tournaments and the miscellaneous costs (hosting, advertising, marketing). If the amounts above don’t suit you, you can send a custom amount to [email protected] via paypal.


Rob McLeod (Ultimate Rob)

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