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Indian National Youth Camp – Day 3

25th May 2014 Day 3 was spent in preparation for the upcoming tournament which starts in a day.  The teams had two session of Ultimate as usual. The morning was spent doing the drills that was part of the curriculum. In the evening however the coaches had the freedom to ...


Indian National Youth Camp – Day 0.5

May 23rd, 2014 | Clinics, Training | 0 Comment

  22nd May, 2014   Starting the day with Burmese breakfast is pretty rare when we are in our home towns, it’s the last thing we excepted at the Youth Camp. I know I keep talking about the different kinds of awesome food that we eat, but I would rate ...


Indian National Youth Camp – Day 0

This is a quick introduction to the first ever National Ultimate Youth Camp at Surat, India. The Ultimate Camp at Surat is the first of its kind in India. It’s a gathering of about 130 adolescents and 30 coaches for 5 days. These are Beginner to Intermediate level ...

Stone Soup

The Interns’ Favourite Articles

December 30th, 2013 | Main, Practice, Reviews, Training | 2 Comments »

During my recent intern contest I ran, I asked the potential interns to submit their favourite articles to me. In the end I chose 4 interns to work with me - Mark, Edward, Sangeetha and Seth. Check out what they each sent me below: Mark's Favourite Article Here's my ...