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Sideline Presence

October 2nd, 2014 | Leadership, Psychology | 2 Comments »

Teams across the globe know how important it is to have home field advantage. When NFL teams travel to New Orleans or Seattle, chances are, the home team comes out with the dub. Matter of fact, those two teams are so difficult to beat, they are a combined 30-5 when playing ...


How to Build a Team

June 20th, 2014 | Leadership, Main, Psychology | 0 Comment

For all things great to have become great, there had to be a starting point. You think the University of Alabama just magically got good at football? Although Nick Saban might as well be a Houdini, magic isn't the answer; No, they had to have a good management, dedication, ...

day 2

Indian National Youth Camp – Day 2

  24th May 2014 I happened to be running into the room to hunt for one of my campers when I saw Narmada from Chennai writing a log. I asked her if she writes every day and If I could translate her  thoughts for this blog. A little about Narmada, She is in the ...


Ultimate Needs a Name Change

May 4th, 2014 | History, Main, Psychology | 11 Comments »

Ultimate frisbee. Ultimate. Frisbee. For those of us who play the sport, we know what it's all about. But for someone who has never heard of it, what will they think when we ask if they play "ultimate" or if they've ever watched "ultimate". There's no reason they should ...