Commentary Workshop for Female Commentators at UKU Nationals

The workshop is being run by Tom Styles, one of the most experienced and recognisable voices in ultimate broadcasting. With over 15 years of experience behind the microphone Tom has a unique perspective on how to commentate on the sport of Ultimate.

The day will include contributions from AUDL and ESPN commentator, Megan Tormey, and professional journalist, WFDF board member, and presenter of the Ulti Show Caz Malone. Megan and Caz will both be joining via video link.

Indian National Youth Camp – Day 3

25th May 2014

Day 3 was spent in preparation for the upcoming tournament which starts in a day.  The teams had two session of Ultimate as usual. The morning was spent doing the drills that was part of the curriculum. In the evening however the coaches had the freedom to devise their own training plan according to what the coaches thought was needed for their team. Many teams choose to run drills that ended in scrimmage with another team. The afternoon was spent painting T-shirts that would serve as jerseys.

Indian National Youth Camp – Day 0.5


22nd May, 2014

Eating Khao Suey!


Starting the day with Burmese breakfast is pretty rare when we are in our home towns, it’s the last thing we excepted at the Youth Camp. I know I keep talking about the different kinds of awesome food that we eat, but I would rate the food here with a 9/10. Thanks to Kalpesh, a teacher and ultimate player – FountainHead School, who took the effort to take us out for breakfast. A 10 minute drive into the City brought us to a Burmese Settlement (which by itself is pretty rare) in Surat. We got to eat Khao Suey and Aloo Poori .

Pay It Forward

The first international clinic for Without Limits in Toronto on April 15, 2012 marked the official end of the spring season for me.  I thought I’d write about the idea of paying it forward, something which has been a cornerstone of my work for the past half a dozen years.  I mention it in this interview with Ultimate Interviews.

One of my mottos is “Pay it forward.” My hope is to cultivate a group of players and teams who are able to think bigger than themselves. I hope that my investment in them leads them to invest in others, and that the end result is something beyond what we can even imagine.

Gym Class Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, challenging, inclusive team sport. It is played in over 50 countries around the world and continues to grow rapidly. In the US, nearly 1 million people play the game. Competitive- level players who are members of USA Ultimate number over 35,000, with youth members outnumbering adult members for the first time since the sport began in 1968.

Ultimate Frisbee meets and exceeds the standards of what your school curriculum desires from an athletic program and has three important characteristics that make it ideal for schools:

  • Inexpensive – play anywhere, with minimal equipment
  • Educational – based on sportsmanship and fair-play

Coaching & Playing with Malaki UFC

For 2 years I’ve run Ultimate Rob ( In that time, I’ve published roughly 50 articles and posted more than 60 videos. My goal when I started the website was for it to be the go to website for ultimate frisbee but very quickly I realized that it wasn’t feasible – both from a time perspective on my side and from a searching perspective from a user side. I decided to instead focus on writing articles and filming videos that would help people very simply “Play Ultimate Better”.

Ultimate Frisbee at the 2011 HPEC in Calgary, Alberta

I’m teaching a group of teachers how to teach ultimate to kids at the 2011 Health and Physical Education Conference in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As part of the program, I have prepared handouts for the 2 sessions. You can download and use them for your own reference:

Ultimate 101 HPEC 2011 (pdf)

Advanced Ultimate HPEC 2011 (pdf)

It’s always exciting introducing the sport to a few group – especially teachers!

Ultimate Rob Bootcamp – Calgary, AB

Ultimate Rob and ATP Personal Training & Bootcamps are excited to announce that they are going to be joining forces for a series of Ultimate Frisbee Bootcamps beginning in May in Calgary, Alberta.

Beginning May 1, we will be running a bootcamp for 10 weeks from 6-8p. The bootcamps will be held at Riley Park in Kensington.

The bootcamps will have 2 goals over the course of 10 weeks:

1. Improve your fitness (cardio, endurance, speed, power, recovery, flexibility)

2. Improve your ultimate skills (throwing, catching, cutting, handling, defending, reading the disc, field awareness, rules)