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Fast Freestyle the “Ultimate” Edge

(A fast-freestyle playing exercise/guide for learning and practicing disc handling skills used in ultimate) In the early days of Frisbee before disc sports, the original attraction was just to watch the Frisbee fly. At first, this was enough; the sheer joy in watching ...


Friction Gloves Review

April 11th, 2013 | Catching, Grips, Main, Reviews | 6 Comments »

I've been wearing Friction Gloves for a few months and in addition to being a fan of them, I also set 3 World Flying Disc Federation World Records for Self Caught Flight on ice, Maximum Time Aloft on ice and Throw Run (Skate) Catch on ice during the Silver Skate Festival in ...


Boxing Out: What It’s All About

January 7th, 2013 | Catching, Defense, Main, Offense | 4 Comments »

A few weeks ago, I got a fan email from Kassandra and this was what she said:  I've been cutting despite other's desire to transition me to handler in the future because of my height. However, because I can usually catch up to the offense when they go deep, I find myself ...

Valuing the Disc

May 15th, 2012 | Catching, Main, Psychology | 2 Comments »

One of my favorite moments of this past weekend was a play by our captain Nat. She was cutting in for a throw from a handler with a tight D on her hip. The throw went up and out to space but was almost out of reach. The beauty of the play was the look on her face in the ...