Interview with Silver Medalist Lillian Weaver from Revolution Ultimate

Lillian Weaver, a member of Revolution Ultimate from Medellín, Colombia, and a silver medalist at the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships, shares her experience of playing with one of the top clubs and in one of the top Ultimate nations in the world.

Lillian has been playing ultimate for 10 years most recently with Schwa From Portland, Oregon, and the University of Oregon club team.

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Always Be Moving #zipstips

As some of you may know, I am very big fan of acronyms. Today’s; ABM, always be moving, both on D and on O. This serves three purposes.

  1. When you are playing D you should always have an eye on your man, but sometimes it is very helpful to be able to check up-field and see what’s going on. If your man (or you) has his hands on his hips then a good defender (or your defender) will have a chance to check.

Ra’anana Park Frisbee Trick Shot Video – Israel

This trick shot video was filmed in Ra’anana Park, Israel featuring Yarden, Semo, and Avner on behalf of Fresh Ultimate.

Ra’anana Park is a beautiful park with lots of open grassy spaces, climbing structures, a train that brings guests all throughout the park, and multiple courts for sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and skateboarding.

Far too often, trick shot videos only show the successful attempts, but this video is different. Not only do we show some of the failed attempts, but we also let you know how many attempts each trick shot took to be successful.

Catch Both Ways #zipstips

When throwing on the green or when warming up make sure to catch “both ways.” Alternate catching with your right hand versus your left hand on top of the pancake. For good throws, this doesn’t make much of a difference, but if an errant throw is to the right of your body, it will be easier to catch left on top, and the same goes for the other side, but switched. The more comfortable you are catching both ways, the more natural it will be for you to catch with the correct orientation. I guarantee your drops will go down if you work on this.

World War Free

If you’ve ever had too many people to set up an ultimate game, then you should give World War Free a try. This game is for as few as 10 players all the way up to 150 players or more!

The goal of the game is to have fun, running about while throwing and catching discs with a large number of others. It’s also possible to score points by throwing discs into the opponents’ goal.

You can find out more about World War Free at Ageless Game:

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A Case for Gender Equity Based on Ability

With the release of this article on Skyd Magazine arguing for making pro ultimate a mixed league, there have been a huge number of comments on Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. The author’s main point for making pro ultimate mixed is for girls to have female role models.

However, something is missing. There have been many opinion pieces, videos and discussions about gender equity in ultimate, making pro ultimate mixed and there have been a lot of ignorant and sexist comments made each time.

I think a helpful response to this is about ability. Not absolute ability but rather relative ability.