Ultimate Rob is possible because of more than just myself. Although the idea of this website was conceived by me, I rely on several contributors for content and without these people, my site would not have the variety, the expertise nor the topics that it does. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, contact me so we can discuss how you can become involved.


  • Abhinav Vinayakh Shankar (6 posts)
    Indian player on a personal mission to keep Ultimate fun and Spirited, his proudest moment in the sport, justifiably, came at The World Championships of Beach Ultimate 2011 (WCBU '11) in Italy, where he represented India in the open division and they won the Spirit Award. Abhinav serves as the Secretary at Chennai Ultimate Frisbee Club, the largest club in the country. Every October, he helps conceptualize and run BULA certified tournament Chennai Heat (A 7v7 co-ed Beach tournament on full size flood-lit fields that draws crowds of over 5000 people!) He trains with fitness coach Arvind Ashok (co-founder of The Quad).
  • Bobo Eyrich (1 post)
  • Brian Lo (8 posts)
    I've been playing this game long enough with and against some pretty damn good players to learn a few things from them.
  • Dan Cogan-Drew (5 posts)
  • Elaine Huba (3 posts)
    Elaine's passion for strength development began with her experience in the Olympic Oval where she gained sport-specific training theory under the direction of Olympic level strength and conditioning coaches. In conjunction with current research at the University of Calgary's Human Performance Lab, Elaine successfully adapts training protocols and techniques designed for athletes into her own, as well as her clients', training programs, regardless of fitness level.
  • Felix Shardlow (3 posts)
    Felix Shardlow has played Ultimate since the year 2000, has coached University teams to multiple successes, and represented Clapham and GB Open in 2011. He currently co-captains Brighton City, coaches the Mohawks and Panthers Uni teams, and runs the website http://www.pushpass.co.uk.
  • Ian Brook Fisher (1 post)
    In real life, I play the role of an admission counselor for Reed College.
  • Jason de Puit (16 posts)
    Hi there! I am Jason and I am from Hobart, the capital of Tasmania way down south in Australia. My posts on Ultimate Rob will revolve around sharing some of the learnings I have experienced whilst improving myself as a player. I have experienced many aspects of the sport and hopefully the articles will prove useful for a wide range of players. Generally speaking I hope to appeal to fairly new players, but hopefully well established players may find something useful as well.
  • Jim Palmeri (1 post)
    Jim’s pivotal work in the early 1970′s helped launch disc golf as a competitive sport. His personal sacrifice made possible many marvelous events, including the 1974 American Flying Disc Open and the 1984 PDGA World Championships. Jim’s knowledge of the flying disc is positively encyclopedic.
  • Johnny Bansfield (1 post)
  • Keith Krieger (6 posts)
    Keith has been playing ultimate for close to a decade. He's had the opportunity to play both formally and informally with teams the west and east coast of Canada. His main focus has been playing with Wreckhouse from St. John's NL. Like most, he plays ultimate for the competition, fitness and strategy.
  • Ken Westerfield (1 post)
    Ken Westerfield is a Frisbee (disc) player from the 1960s. A Decade Awards and Hall of Fame inductee (freestyle, ultimate and disc golf). Westerfield produced numerous tournaments, world records, many competitive wins in freestyle, ultimate, disc golf and individual events in overall tournaments. Ken invented freestyle moves, including "body rolls", and introduced the first freestyle competition at the 1974 Canadian Open Frisbee Championships, Toronto, Canada. Ken used his expertise in several company sponsored touring promotional Frisbee shows for Irwin Toy, Molson Frisbee Team, Goodtimes Professional Frisbee Show, Orange Crush Frisbee Team, Air Canada Frisbee Team, Lee Jeans Frisbee Team and the Labatts Schooner Frisbee Team.
  • Malissa Lundgren (1 post)
  • Mandy Wintink (11 posts)
    My heart inspires me to write about human nature (mind, body, spirit) as I come to know it, often using my own experience as a segue. I draw upon the knowledge I have gathered throughout my journey into Psychology, Neuroscience, Meditation, Yoga, Intuition, Passion…The journey continues to enlighten me.
  • Mark Campbell (7 posts)
    Mark Campbell is an Ultimate player from Texas. He's been playing Ultimate for seven years and currently captains his college team, Midwestern State Cavalry, and plays club in Dallas for Huck It Trebek Tribute Band. Currently, Mark is a busy college student majoring in Mass Communication, as well as being involved with the Baptist Student Ministry, working as a Resident Assistant, and being Ultimate Rob's intern. He's a huge fan of the Dallas Mavericks and hopes to be an NBA Columnist after graduation. Check out his own personal blog at www.themarkcampbell.com where he writes about everything NBA. Warning: it's still in the beginning phases.
  • Melissa Witmer (7 posts)
    Melissa wants to give back a little bit of what ultimate has given to her. She would like to enable all those students/coaches out there who are working hard for their teammates. She hopes that you find her reflections and resources to be useful. Building a team or taking one to the next level requires an insane amount of effort and although the resources here cannot fix that problem, we hope to give you confidence in doing the work and that your work may be made more effective. Good luck!
  • Michael Lawler (15 posts)
    Michael Lawler (former Brute Squad/Riot coach) has created a series of videos analyzing footage from the past couple of years and utilizing them as teaching moments. They are a fantastic resource for new players and coaches.
  • Michelle Ng (7 posts)
    Michelle currently captains North Carolina Phoenix, and has captained five other seasons at the college and club levels. She currently serves as one of the Women's Division representatives in the USA Ultimate Club Working Group. She is a 4-time Club Nationals Qualifier and 2-time College Nationals Qualifier. She was also a Callahan Top 3 finisher in 2006, an All-Region selection in 2008, and won the Kathy Pufahl Award in 2010. Michelle started running tournaments in Fall 2005 out of a desire to create more playing opportunities for her college team. When she moved to Austin in Summer 2006, she saw a huge disparity between the number of opportunities she had on the West Coast and the opportunities she now had in the South Region. With the help of her college teammates at the University of Texas, Michelle strove to change that. Michelle's efforts have continued to grow over the years and she has run dozens of tournaments and clinics all over North America, the majority of which have been fundraisers for college teams. Michelle also works as an Events & Relationships Manager for VC Ultimate.
  • Sangeetha Manoharan (7 posts)
    She's at her happiest chasing plastic on a field. This full-time psychology student is the youngest member of UPAI's (Ultimate Players Association of India) Advisory Board and wants to pursue sports psychology. Always thinking of ways to give back to the community, she makes time to coach, is part of Chennai Ultimate Frisbee's School Outreach Program and also shares her thoughts on the India Ultimate blog. Sangee plays as a primary handler on Chakraa, a mixed team, from Chennai, India. Favourite breakfast: Shredded zone defense.
  • Stephen Winters (4 posts)
    I grew up in Minnesota and spent lots of time as a kid throwing around frisbees just to see them fly. Somehow, I never played ultimate until I was 25, but I joined a summer league then (in 1999) and haven't stopped playing since. When I'm not playing ultimate, I profess linguistics at the University of Calgary, calculate all the baseball stats at www.basesproduced.com, and take pictures of the beautiful things I see in the world around me.
  • Tim Kefalas (1 post)
  • Ultimate Rob (246 posts)
    Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor, a 12 time World Record holder (including 6 Guinness World Records), 10-time World Champion, 2 time Quadruped title holder and currently holds the Canadian Distance Record. He created ultimaterob.com in 2009.
  • Vincci Tsui (1 post)
    Vincci is a Registered Dietitian with. Vincci is also a long-time member of World Health and can often be found taking Muay Thai at World Health Richmond. You can tweet her @VincciT.
  • Willie Herndon (1 post)