Along with the most common throws in ultimate, we have the ability to throw a bunch of other throws which aren’t very common or never ever used in a game…but they’re throws and learning to throw them is a good way to improve your snap, your field awareness and your overall throwing ability. I would not recommend using these throws in a game, unless absolutely necessary.

The throws are, in order:

  • Behind the Back Backhand
  • Behind the Back Forehand
  • Between the Legs Backhand
  • Around Both Legs Backhand
  • No Look Backhand
  • No Look Forehand
  • Switcheroo
  • The Dipsy Doodle (or The Paintbrush)
  • Leftie Backhand
  • The Dad on the Beach
  • Helicopter
  • Overhand Wrist Flip (or the Chickenwing)
  • Reverse Overhand Wrist Flip (or Blind Overhand Wrist Flip)
  • Upside Down Backhand
  • Sky Hook
  • Helix Thumber
  • Helix Scoober
  • Helix Hammer
  • Peepee
  • Double Peepee
  • Between the Legs Forehand (with a mark)
  • The Houdini
  • The Dinner Plate
  • Spinarama

I’m wearing SAVAGE Ultimate Rob shorts and long sleeve. You can buy them on

The shoes I’m wearing are Vivobarefoot Neo Trail, which you can buy at

The disc I’m throwing is a custom Ultimate Rob Discraft Ultrastar which you can buy at

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Written by Ultimate Rob

Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor, a 12 time World Record holder (including 6 Guinness World Records), 10-time World Champion, 2 time Quadruped title holder and currently holds the Canadian Distance Record. He created in 2009.