In this video, I give three tips I feel will help you prepare for tryouts for an ultimate frisbee team. With only 3 months before summer, I think the most beneficial things you can do is practice throwing, get stronger in the gym and get faster/better endurance by doing interval training. I also talk about why I think playing indoors during the winter isn’t very beneficial and should only be done if all the other 3 things are done first.

1. Throwing – Get out several times a week at least. Try to get 100-200 throws per day minimum. Practice catching too (MTA), throwing it with a friend – work on your hands. Practice throwing to a moving target. Practice jumping when you catch the disc – work on what your apex is. It’s important to know how high you can jump.

2. Power – Squats, deadlifts, pullups, burpees, pushups, lunges, etc. Get power in your legs since it’s hard to work on that a lot during the season. Go to the gym, talk to a trainer. Get them to develop a program for you. Look at workouts. Make sure you are using the right technique.

3. Interval Training – since ultimate is all about stop and start, it’s important to sprint, jog, sprint, jog. You need to learn how to shift back and forth from sprinting to resting.

Written by Ultimate Rob

Rob McLeod is a disc sports competitor, a 13 time World Record holder (including 6 Guinness World Records), 10-time World Champion, 2 time Quadruped title holder and currently holds the Canadian Distance Record. He created in 2009.